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A powerful educational handheld for use in advanced mathematics and science courses. The TI-89 Titanium includes a new built-in Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to allow for direct data transfer between computer and handheld, as well as between TI handheld graphing devices.
Amazon.com Product Description This advanced graphing calculator is packed with more features than you might know how to use. The TI-89 Titanium lets you perform the expected functions of an advanced model--basic math, algebra, calculus, graphs, matrices, and statistical functions--and do cool stuff like creating animations, graphing 3-D rotations, and plotting contours. Graphing functions include basic function graphing, parametric graphing, polar graphing, sequence graphing, 3-D graphing, and differential-equation graphing. Additionally, the TI-89 Titanium includes symbolic manipulation, constants and measurement units, statistics and data plots, a numeric solver, a text editor, programming capabilities, tables, a split-screen function, variable management, and the ability to link to other calculators or a computer. The TI-89 Titanium's flash technology allows you to upgrade to future software versions without having to continually invest in new calculators. The 188 KB of RAM, combined with an impressive 2.7 MB of flash memory (three times the memory of the TI-89), are more than sufficient for your stored functions, programs, and data, and add welcome speed to go with the TI's reliability. You can create custom menus or use the default menu. Another cool feature is the Program Editor, which gives you the ability to write custom applications.

The large LCD is adjustable to your environment and can be viewed clearly under a variety of lighting conditions. The calculator also comes with an input/output port and cable, letting you synch up with other TI-89s or TI-92s, as well as a USB port and cable. An attached, hard slide cover protects the calculator from getting knocked around in your backpack. The manual that ships with the TI-89 Titanium is a killer, presenting over 500 pages of clear, concise definitions, function explanations, examples, drawings, and appendices. It's divided into well-organized chapters that cover all the major features of the calculator.
What's in the Box
The TI-89 Titanium, a hard sliding case, a silver oxide battery, a user's guide, an applications CD-ROM, a USB cable, a TI-link cable, and warranty information

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